Global PrimeDay: Wrist expresses vogue of Ms. ANNE KLEIN AK/1363SVSV


AnneKlein (AK) Anne Klein New York of full name of the Ke Laien that install Ni, it is trademark of the United States’ well-known recreational fashionable dress, found by AnneKlein 1968, the product covers the many sort such as female outfit, watch, shoe, glasses. Wrist expresses vogue of this Ms. ANNE KLEIN AK/1363SVSV, used stainless steel watchcase and watch chain material to pledge, the metal that open system is argent design, contracted and spell able. Dial was in at 12 o’clock one is set get adornment, pursue in detail dash forward show different. Dial wide 32mm, thick 9mm, express bandwidth 16mm.

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