Prime member: Electric wave of solar energy of male money of PRW-6000Y-1ACR of series of Pro Trek of CASIO card Western Europe mountaineers wrist is expressed


Series of PROTREK of CASIO card Western Europe is money of a when mountaineer wrist expresses a domain representative watch all the time, watch of wrist of motion of electric wave of solar energy of this CASIOPRW-6000Y-1ACR male money is calorie of Western Europe the wrist list that releases newly on PROTREK 2014, embark brand-new the 3rd acting inductor, specific power consumption low, precision is taller, height, temperature is measured and the functional have everything that one expects to find such as electronic compass, have function of electric wave of 6 bureaus whole world at the same time, can resist – the harsh environment of 10 ℃ . Have full automatic be in a poor light, carry the hand is visible, 4 motor control 4 finger to run independently independently, show rapid, reading is accurate. Intelligence changes a design to be able to make even liquid crystal shows the area shows avoid invite hand, dekko can be read take need not await. Carbon fiber watchband is soft and tough and reliable, offer 100 meters waterproof.

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