Wrist of smooth kinetic energy of female money of EW1594-55D of CITIZEN Xi Tiecheng is expressed


CITIZEN Xi Tiecheng authority is not new, the core technology of its light kinetic energy, its can draw any visible light source and change into kinetic energy, can fall to be able to charge in the requirement that has presence of any visible light source, already environmental protection save trouble; Those who use is life is as long as 15-20 or so years charge batteries, get everybody’s reception reliably with wear well, technology. This lady sets the table that get wrist, model is EW1594-55D, those who use is core of machine of smooth kinetic energy, mother-of-pearl shellfish dial, 8 bead getting set scale, setting the group that get a list is Yi Yi more dazzing, direction had date to show at 3 o’clock, mineral crystal surface, watch chain of golden stainless steel, the exterior is easy.

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