Wrist of smooth kinetic energy of male money of BL5250-02L of CITIZEN Xi Tiecheng is expressed


Everybody was familiar with technology of smooth kinetic energy of core technology Eco-Drive very much, wrist of kinetic energy of 3 timing light expresses male money of BL5250-02L of this Xi Tiecheng, it is smooth kinetic energy familial a medium, discharged on catenary or it is to change the inconvenience of batteries. Dial of black of collocation of watchcase of argent titanium metal, the contrast such as white thick scale and chronometer is bright, convenient evening uses luminous index; Use E820 machine core, 3 time, the position set calendar window at 4 o’clock, double time shows, support the function such as perpetual calendar, alarm clock at the same time; The adoption of titanium metal watchcase can prevent sweat effectively in of salinity corrode, and weight is very light, waterproof deepness amounts to 200m; Whole watch style is straightforward, be full of male breath of Yang Gang; Express diameter 43mm, thick 13mm. My station basks in content channel to many value friend basks in sheet, welcome everybody to surround view reference.

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