Global PrimeDay: Wrist expresses machinery of INVICTA 8926OB man


Invicta is created with what provide inspiration, show outstanding technology and unique design, inapproachable watch offers overflow, the chronometer with distinctive color. The value is friendly ” Yipao ” recommend say: Labor of completely tall copy person edition of calendar of black water ghost (5w+ of black water ghost) Japanese mechanical core (HN35A) of machinery of Ma Du of energy industry day. This is often be confused to use the design that strikes back labor person does not have grade by fatigue, very classical Invicta 8926ob, because of its exterior pole resembles ghost of labor person water (one meter beyond) , also be weighed for par water although ghost is low-cost, but major person gives reputably, although machine core is poor not beautiful also, but the error is in by limitation 10 seconds less than, and below extreme environment (freezer, boiling water) also do not exceed 13 seconds; Waterproof 200M, with labor person water spirit is same; The charge for the making of sth. outside dividing machine core also gets major person is agreed with; Suit to like water ghost style, but complain the children’s footwear that read aloud to the price; The word of exorbitant of course requirement still calculated.

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