Wrist of female money fashionable dress expresses SKW2592 of SKAGEN Shi Geen


Name of SKAGEN Chinese brand is called ” Shigeen ” , itself has lasting appeal very much, its name originates Denmark is native land most a when north carries homonymic small town, father comes from Denmark, root establish at the United States, in brand DNA shirt-sleeve the fashionable design style of boreal Europe and beautiful interest firm the feeling of atmosphere. This model is the watch of female money wrist of SKW2592, the appearance is concise, mineral glass expresses lens, dial diameter 30mm, gold of rose of white dial collocation expresses circle and guiding principle, decorous be able to bear or endure look, the position contained brand Logo at 3 o’clock. Watchband of tie-in blue derma, design joker, 50 meters of lives are waterproof.

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