Wrist of fashionable dress of man of DIESEL Timeframe DZ1657 is expressed


DIESEL enlighten contest is Italy’s well-known bull-puncher trademark, by stylist Luo Suo of · of human relations assist founds 1978. Its product includes bull-puncher, men’s clothing, female outfit, childen’s garments, box bag, deserve to act the role of series. The wrist watch of DIESEL also is a brand one large window, advocate hit temperament of man hale and hearty. Watch of wrist of fashionable dress of this DZ1657 man is one of design of person energy of life, watchcase of charcoal black stainless steel, black calf watchband, stainless steel of fixed carbon coating expresses a circle. Irised dial, glow finger and Xiaoshi label, minute mark is encircled inside, small markers writes down outer circle, at 3 o’clock date window. Machine core offers quartz motivation. Be able to bear or endure blow colour mineral crystal expresses lens. Circular watchcase, dimension makes an appointment with 45 X 51 Cm, thick make an appointment with 12 Cm. 100 meters waterproof.

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