Wrist of smooth kinetic energy of male money of BL5400-52A of CITIZEN Xi Tiecheng is expressed


Smooth kinetic energy is core technology of Xi Tiecheng, watch of smooth kinetic energy draws any visible light source and change into kinetic energy to drive watch to carry continuously. What watch of smooth kinetic energy uses is life achieves 15-20 year macrobian life of the left and right sides charge batteries, the technology is accordingly reliable, wear well. Wrist of this BL5400-52A smooth kinetic energy is expressed, use core of machine of an E820 smooth kinetic energy, do not animal farm to all can be stored by translate into electric power at all solar, visible light, when can maintaining the essence that keeps resting to go definitely, discharged on catenary or it is to change the inconvenience of batteries. Classical athletic style, 3 designs, 48mm big dial plate leaks Yang Gang’s gas, 200m waterproof function.

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