Wrist of smooth kinetic energy of man of Navihawk A-T JY8035-04E of CITIZEN Xi Tiecheng is expressed


Friend having a value ” Kevinwang ” feedback: “Be worth to recommend absolutely, enter before me, the function is powerful. Balata watchband goes to the customer service center of Xi Tiecheng Beijing adjusting cut weak point freely, when be opposite freely, the move that return a side studied function. Beijing is outdoors close wave is first-rate, indoor south still go near the window. This supports Qiu Bo, than the eagle in sky and blue angel material benefit, and slide rule function is richer, hold out from use angle pretty good. ” the eagle in the sky that comes from CITIZEN Xi Tiecheng is to get the central point that fix eyes upon fully all the time, actually its still have a brotherly version to call Navihawk the eagle of night sky, can see from the name, its design a concept to come from army of naval air arm. Wrist of male money smooth kinetic energy expresses this Xi Tiecheng, the appearance view of cockpit of similar opportunity for combat was adopted likewise on dial style, with dumb light black for fundamental key, orange is given priority to show tonal, the visual perception of appearance appears hale bully gas, 3 designs add a number to show, practical and beautiful; Machine core respect, use Xi Tiecheng relatively core of machine of U680 smooth kinetic energy, have muti_function timing function, support 5 bureaus electric wave to show (the Qiu Dianbo that contain business) , contrast lacks the eagle in the sky that supports electric wave of Chinese business grave, this appears more practical. Dial layout and functional respect and equipment suffer the JY8050 that love to agree almost completely, the mineral crystal of high strenth expresses lens, as a result of reason of Navihawk fixed position, its support the waterproof function that is as deep as 200 meters, add fight watchband of cankerous rubber tree fat to make go greatly into for the likelihood. Of course, if do not like to fight the sentence that corrodes the watchband of rubber tree fat with better effect, change by oneself be dark lubricious metal strip also is right choice.

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