CASIO blocks male money of Western Europe PRW-3500T-7CR to mountaineer wrist is expressed


Blocking series of Western Europe ProTrek is the series that makes technically for outdoors lover and worker only, money of its high end included time of sunset of height, baric, azimuth, temperature, sunrise, phase, tide to wait for numerous function, in addition solar energy + the function that electric wave receives makes ProTrek series more perfect mix convenient, sexual price is compared very tall. The new fund that this PRW-3500T-7CR was 2015, to it before recommended PRW-3500-4CR foundation configuration is basic and identical, the biggest distinction is in depend on its be watchcase of titanium alloy watchband, compare 3000 series, waterproof appreciation arrives 200m. PRW-3500T-7CR included solar energy likewise + 6 bureaus electric wave, take compass, altimeter, barometer, thermometer, can show sunrise sunset time. Can set 48 worlds time respectively, 4 differ be troubled by a bell, in addition stopwatch, time wait for a function to won’t be lacked of course. Exceed strong LED to be in a poor light, lowest 0 use 10 degrees normally, mineral and crystal surface adds colophony watchcase watchband, the mark that is outdoors watch matchs. Watch money was used brand-new the card Western Europe that upgrade the 3rd acting ternary inductor, the government alleges bulk is cut 95% , bad news report decreases 90% , rose to measure precision.

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