Wrist of smooth kinetic energy of male money of AU1065-58E Eco-Drive Axiom of CITIZEN Xi Tiecheng is expressed


The statement Lai Yong that the poetry that the poet visits a town is good at using intuition and impressional formula sings the teenager life like fairy tale, this applies to Xi Tiecheng as much this ” Axiom ” watch of axiom series wrist. Its design was full of geometrical abstract style: Outline is trenchant, the possibility that simple point, line, face, simple look forms visual aesthetic feeling, without theme, content, meaning; Whole dial has rub of Fan Tuo inspect already feeling, of the finger of black dial, black, black at 12 o’clock scale, even black Logo, positional date showed at 3 o’clock it is the silent ornament that breaks black exclusively among them. The black of black dial collocation with wide 40mm eletroplates the watchband of processing, integral design appears acme is contracted and fruity burnish, show a kind of deep uncanny sense fully.

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