CASIO blocks watch of wrist of movement of man of EFR-552L-2AVCF of series of Western Europe EDIFICE


CASIO (card Western Europe) the electric equipment brand that comes from Japan, by end faithful hero held water 1946, for the masses hep product has electronic musical instrument to return large quantities of public praise wrist to express not only. EDIFICE is the series of metallic finger male watch that new technology has below CASIO banner, watch photograph relatively a few heavier, dial plate is bigger also. Wrist of movement of man of EFR-552L-2AVCF of series of EDIFICE of Western Europe of this CASIO card is expressed, be an appearance and immanent hold provided racing car concurrently to express a paragraph. Finger of form of needle of pencil of collocation of 3 of disk type of cycle racing appearance timing designs, let cycle racing design concept be in harmony at dial inside, vogue of tie-in and dermal watchband is handsome. Have waterproof 100 rice, timing stopwatch, 24 hours are made show, the function such as independent date indication window.

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