Yes, I bought it about 5 weeks ago and really like it. I have owned to Moto 360 and Huawei Watch 2 in the past, both about 2 plus years old. I like that it has a round, watch-like face. I am getting used to the dial on the side, but like the option rather than having only the touch screen to complete actions within the interface. The battery life is pretty good, slightly over a day with always-on screen enabled. The magnetic charging is much better than the pin connection needed for the Huawei (more consistent). Again, for the price and multiple band options available, it does everything I would want out of a smartwatch. That said, I only use it for time, notifications, timer/stopwatch, and dismissing unwanted calls. The water proofing seems to hold up, although I have not had it fully submerged, as that is what did my Moto 360 in in the past. I would recommend this smartwatch to anyone running an Android operating system. I am currently pairing with a Note 8.

From the manufacturer

Fossil Gen 5 SmartwatchTech That Talks Back

Tells you the weather. Gives you reminders. Reads you translations. It’s tech out loud.

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